My Story

The Beginning of My Journey
My journey began when I was born in El Salvador. At age fourteen, I moved to the United States, leaving behind everything I knew. The culture shock was intense, and I longed for home. I missed my grandma, our household, and my cousins. Initially, I struggled to learn the language and had no friends, but eventually, I enrolled in high school, where I took an economics class. It was in this class that I made a dress for myself, which I wore often. Making and wearing the dress connected me to my childhood and my beloved grandma's memory.

My academic achievements include graduating from high school in 1995 and receiving a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Mount Saint Mary's University in 2003. I then went to the University of Colorado to pursue a Ph.D. in Science, hoping to discover a cure for Huntington's Chorea, a disease that runs in my family. Unfortunately, after eight months, I realized I had taken the wrong detour and that my true passion was designing clothes, a childhood dream that I had buried over the years.

Pursuing My Dreams
I left Colorado and a full stipend to attend FIDM in Los Angeles and complete the advanced program in Fashion Design. At FIDM, I debuted my first collection at the FIDM Debut. My style voice has changed over the years, and I now believe that designing clothes is more than just a way to make money or become famous. It is a mission, and I am here to remind women of their innate beauty and dignity. I do not design anything that goes against true natural beauty and human dignity.

The Importance of Human Dignity
Through my art, I aim to reinforce the innate beauty of my clients with a modest yet refined freshness. Designing and making clothes is an art form, and my mission is to remind women that they are more than enough. Each woman is born with an innate beauty that is sacred in her own way, and I will never design anything that denigrates her worth. My strong conviction and point of view guide my work, and I am grateful for my God-given ability to help women feel beautiful and confident.