Open for Business

It's been a while since closing Saint's Modesty Website. But the wait was worth it. Along the way, the learning experience was rewarding and now I can say I am an expert at making mistakes and learning from them.

Selling for other vendors opened my eyes and helped me realized waiting on someone else to provide the same quality level I expected did not work for me. The expectation for high quality was demoralizing for quality is subjective and personal to each individual. Shipping from over seas was disappointing and tested my patience.

My experience as a fashion designer over the years had paid off and my sewing skills have sharpen with the years. Now my creativity is not hinder. Technology has made available all social media platform, designing tool and production much easier. I now am able to create my designs without jeopardizing our earth's natural resources and habitat. I able to make my garments and accessories on my own without having excess inventory. I can design prints in small quantities base on my need. Now, I have control over the number of garments I want to make. I don't have to make big quantities, only what I need as your place the order.

This new model of business makes me more conscious of the social impact I make in our environment and our society. I believe with my art I can make the difference here from the corner of my world to yours. 

Welcome back and I hope to earn your trust and continuous support. I am here to make the difference in our ordinary lives but in and extraordinary way.



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