An Everyday Woman

I am your everyday woman. I love to smile. I secretly draw my love ones, and enjoy picking up shell on the beach. I am of average hight: 5'6" to be exact. I am thin but have a lovely tummy, saggy underarms and spider veins on my legs. I have wrinkles on my forehead, and around and in between my eyes. I love all the wrinkles I have but specially the ones I have earned due to life. You may not see them on my pictures but they are there as a road map reminding me who I am. I started to grow white hair which I wear proudly for they are white gold gifted by life. With all my imperfection I am beautiful just like you. I like clothes, but I do not own brandname clothes, shoes or bags for names do not make who I am. I am eclectic and and love bright colors. With out a doubt, yellow and blue are my favorite duet. I'm drawn toward almost all prints but my favorite are polkadots, stripes and flowers. When I feel like it, I wear them all together. Wow what a blast. You may say I am daring. But let me remind you, You only live once. And today is just another chance. I am your everyday woman-I am You, a saint's modesty kind of woman.

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