5 Tips to Put Together a Modest Outfit

Whether you are attending a church service, or going to a job interview, putting together a modest outfit is a must, and it doesn't have to be difficult. To achieve the desired look, it is important to have the right clothing items, as well as the right accessories to complete the outfit. To help you create a modest look that still looks stylish and modern, here are five tips to help you put together a modest outfit.

Tip 1: Choose Classic Pieces

Choosing classic pieces of clothing is the key to putting together a modest outfit. Classic pieces are timeless, and will last for years to come. Look for high quality basics, such as plain t-shirts, cardigans, blazers, trousers, and skirts. When shopping for clothing, pick items that are comfortable to wear, and that fit properly. Solid colors are usually more flattering than prints, so stick to neutral shades like black, navy, gray, brown, and white.

Tip 2: Mix and Match

Mixing and matching different textures and patterns can add an extra touch of sophistication to your outfit. Experiment with layering different pieces of clothing, such as pairing a classic dress with a cardigan to create a modest look. If you decide to go with patterns, consider combining stripes with polka dots, or florals with plaids. The possibilities are endless, so take some risks and try something new!

Tip 3: Balance Proportions

To achieve a modest look, it is important to balance the proportions of your clothes. To give your outfit an extra touch of refinement, always tuck in shirts and tops. When it comes to accessories, choose smaller pieces that won't draw too much attention. Also, stay away from provocative clothing, like tight fitting or cropped items. When deciding on hemlines, opt for either mid-length or maxi skirts, or choose a midi dress.

Tip 4: Add Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can take a basic outfit from drab to chic. To add some extra interest to your outfit, find clothing pieces with unique details, like pockets, buttons, and embroidery. Also, try on different types of shoes to see what works best with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a long skirt and blouse, try a pair of ballet flats. To complete the look, opt for a hairstyle that is appropriate for the occasion, and select subtle makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

Tip 5: Have an Outfit Plan

Having an outfit plan before you start shopping is a great way to make sure you always look your best. Start by organizing your closet, so you know exactly what pieces you have and the combinations you can create. To get inspired, look for outfit ideas from magazines, blogs, or websites. Last but not least, when accessorizing, try to use pieces that are practical and versatile. A timeless scarf or belt can make your outfit look more put-together, and you can easily go from day to night just by changing up your accessories.

Putting together a modest outfit can be both stylish and comfortable. All you need to do is follow the five tips outlined above, and you will soon be ready to look your best for any occasion.

 Deysi Martinez-Juarez
 Author of The Secret: Beauty for a Greater Purpose which is   coming up soon. She is owner of Saint's Modesty, She is happily married and mother to three beautiful children in California. She lives by this words: "Modesty is not a trend. It is a life style that I practice daily."

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